Official catalog cover of the international exhibition “Plan de Rescate” organized by eELEFANTE 330 and commissioned by María Marco.

“eELEFANTE 330 emerges as an independent center for culture, in a different scenario and transgressive as contemporary art. Located in the heart of the city of A Coruña (Spain), the space takes its name from the famous phenomenon of “Elefante Branco” in South America – large urban projects unfunded pubic dead – and its 330 square meters, all aimed at the visibility of projects and works of emerging artists on today’s scene.

With an approach based on a model of interdisciplinary work, eELEFANTE 330 makes available to users and supporters of art innovative management model based on the cultural production of events dynamically and transparently with the environment.”

Artistas participantes: Héctor Barrios, Misha Bies Golas, Jacobo Bugarín, Carmen Delaco, Vanesa Díaz & Juan Adrio, Manuel Eirís, Hector Francesch, Marco Godoy, Amaya González Reyes, Javier Largen, Enrique Lista, Javier MArtín, Víctor Mejuto, Joan Morera Arbones, Gemma Pardo, Jorge Perianes, PSJM, José Andrés Santiago, Proxecto Socheo, Mauro Trastoy, Eduardo Valiña, José Manuel Vidal.