We are a multidisciplinary creative studio with over 12 of years experience, we are specializing in creation and development of complete brand identity, web site design + development and graphic design.

Our work has been recognized internationally at conferences, magazines, art publications and the most important websites of the world specialize in design.

National and international clients like Inditex Group (Zara, Pull & Bear, Massimo Dutti, Bershka…), Toyota, Sony Ericsson, Beefeater, KaneNYC or Telefonica, among others, endorse our work.

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Unafraid to be wrong I will say that Angel Souto has been one of the most creative and prolific designers of Spain: proof of this is to have worked for clients such as Inditex Group (Zara, Pull & Bear, Massimo Dutti…), Sony and Telefonica and have collaborated with some of the most important national and international design studies. His eagerness to experiment with different media and styles has made him a tireless creator, with an outstanding track record to his credit.

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Ernesto Frías (EX7 Magazine)

- Canal+ (TV)
- XFuns IdN (Taiwan)
- Digit Magazine (UK)
- Arte y Diseño, nº58 (Edición española de la prestigiosa Computer Arts)
- Victioray 2 (Singapore)
- Wallpaper The Book (UK)
- The Cutting Edge of Wallpaper (UK)
- Interior Design and Illustration (China)
- Shift Magazine, nº56 (Japan)
- Half Empty (USA)
- Pink Project (USA)
- Point.Structure (edición limitada, hecha a mano) (USA)
- Web Design Index (Holand)
- Blank Magazine
- H Magazine
- EX7 Magazine
- Interea
- Promsite
- Freshculture
- Belio Magazine
- Decórate, magazine de arquitectura, interiorismo y diseño (nº15)
- Rootmagazine (Italy)
- La Voz de Galicia, suplemento “El Buscador” (Newspaper)
- El Mundo, suplemento “La Luna” (Newspaper)
- El Pais de las Tentaciones (Newspaper)
- La Voz de Galicia (Newspaper)
- E-Site Magazine
- L1NK5
- MyHomeBack
- Avatar
- H2O Magazine
- Neorona
- Blogwork (Biennale di Venezia)
- Gluebalize (Biennale di Venezia)
- Etc..
- Selected to be part of the LAUS awards jury 2005 (interactive section). The most important national design awards and one of the most prestigious internationally, organized by the Association of Art Directors and Graphic Designers.

- FORUM LAUS. Selected by the LAUS Awards organization to give a workshop parallel to the award of several days duration.

- Selected to join as a member of the actual jury of the creative contest Promsite, organized by CDmon company.

- Winner of the international contest “RGBvsCMYK” whose jury consisted of: Andrew Johnstone (Australia, Design Is Kinky), Tom Muller (London, HelloMuller, Ximeralabs/Duolog), Vasava , Backfolder, Eduardo Campuzano (Spain, NeuArt), Difernet y E-site.

- Winner of the international contest “Poster Design Contest” organized by Computerlove (France, Belgium, Sweden)

- Winner of the international contest “International Wallpaper Design Contest” organized by MadinSpain.
- etc…

- Iconologica I (Valencia, Spain)

- Iconologica II (Alicante, Spain) The artwork piece was exhibited at national and international museums.

- First International Conference on Communication, Arts and Education in the Digital Age (Pontevedra, Spain)

- MADinSpain (Madrid, Spain) Talk and exibition.

- Avant Music (Sevilla, Spain)

- Biennale di Venecia ‘Gluebalize’ (Venecia, Italy)

- Energias Renovadas. Centro de arte Conde Duque (Madrid, Spain)

- Maxalot Gallery (Barcelona / Holanda)

- FORUM LAUS 2005. (Barcelona, Spain) Workshop LAUS Awards parallel, multi-day.

- Solo exhibition of photography ‘On focus: Indonesia’ El Taller de Exposiciones (A Coruña, Spain)

- Artec 07 (Spain)

- Todays Art (Holanda) The artwork was projected on all the front of a building (30×30 meters) in the center of The Hague for several days. Maxalot selected 24 artists for the event, including: Boris Hoppek, Build, eBoy, Inocuo, Joshua Davis, The Designers Republic, Universal Everything, WeWorkForThem, etc…

- Berlin Art Festival Illustrative (Paris / Berlin)
- etc…